dashiva_chris33 (dashiva_chris33) wrote,

I've Had It

I'm fed up with all this crap. All these people screwing me around, pissing me off and leading me on. I'm over it. It ain't gonna happen no more.
I was having such a fantastic day today - I slept in till nearly midday, I helped two of my friends who like each other get together, I even found out that the next B5 movie screens on Sci-Fi next week. Then, just to spoil an otherwise fine day, I get news from various people saying they can't make stuff this week with me, and when I ask others if they're free to do stuff they give me the whole "um, ah, I don't know" routine, which later turns out to be a no.
Do me a favour guys - if you don't want to do something on a certain day, come out and say it and don't beat around the bush. Less hassle for all of us.

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