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The Harsh Reality

is that sometimes people are cruel. I'm not naming names, but there are some people in this world who say they are my friend, and care for me, when in fact they really don't. In fact, the only time they'll ever even speak to me is online. When we're at school they'll barely look at me, and if I invite them somewhere outside of school all I get is some bullshit reason for them to not go, or again the whole "uh, um, maybe" thing which equates to a no. And yes, there's more than one of them.
So this whole thing has really shown me who my real friends are, the people who really care, the people who actually do make a conscious effort. Starting now, I'm not going to bother with those who don't. They're not worth my time at all. You guys can complain to me all you want about how you think you really are my friends, but if you can't even look me in the face elsewhere, don't waste your time.

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